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Majora's Mask 3D Walkthrough: FINISHED!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 20, 2016, 10:51 AM

Okay, so I started by going back to Ikana, down to the river and up to the place where's to fight four diferent fights. Here's how things went.

Dor on left, fire mark above the short cave area: Three Lizalfos, don’t Z-target, quicker this way. Reward 100 rupees

Door on right, opposite to Lizalfos area, spider looking mark: Ikana’s ghost like fighter. Just try to avoid the fire blades. ^^; Reward 100 rupees.

Up, right road, mark of circles: Eyeball with slimy balls. Destroy as many of the balls as possible before going for the eye. Doesn’t need much of beating in the end. Reward 100 rupee.

Up, left road, mark of unfinished diamond, the area I’ve been trying to get into: The guy with a long blue lighted torch, going from one square pad to another. -.-‘ Just stay put and shoot arrows. Reward 100 rupees. And no health lost in this round.

Back to main room and talk to the ghost. Reward: Heart Piece.

After this I went to save my game and quit. Then I copied it to another part and continued to play the main part. Now going for Oni Mask / Fierce Deity Mask. =D So, quick going forward by Song of Double Time all the way to having last five hours left. And then up.

Aww! Such a cute reunion for the fairies! :aww: Though, what happened after that.... I really forgot how strong in emotion it is. ^^; Felt bad for Skull Kid there. Yet, once up in the field.... I'm really loving the endless field of green. =)

Okay, the moon:

First kid having the mask of, um, four eyes. ^^; (Yeah, the Twinmold which name I had forgotten at then. ^^;) So, the masks I gave were: Fairy, Bomb, Skull and Ikana. Cool looking place. Ceiling high above, nice decorations. Just road forward from one room to another. First is Lizalfos, two hits, no targeting. -.-‘ Very swift. Then for Ikana, not so fast but managed easily enough and then Hookshot to chest, arrows got. In next room is Iron Knuckle, not so easy. Bombchus from the chest. Took eternity to break the wall on right. >.< Almost lost all Bombchus. D= Shot the target, got ladders up. Another part to break in the next room, all Bombuchs gone now but I did manage to break the ceiling. Luckily. So, fire arrow into the target and forward. Talk to Twinmold, the kid with that mask. Don Gero, Romani, Mask of Scent and Gibdo lost now.

Kid with Odolwa mask. Giant’s mask lost now. Heart Piece from a corner. Careful with the Deku going. ^^; Last moment gotten through. The road is just short enough since when I fell, I luckily managed to get a hold of the edge. Found the kid. Don’t talk to him with the Deku Mask on since he'll ask you to take the mask off. ^^; Gave Mask of Truth since that wasn't much of help in there. All of the stones are telling stuff I already know.

Kid with Gyorg mask. All-Night-Mask, Troupe Leader Mask and Postman’s Hat lost now. And into water we go. Right road’s wrong one. -.-‘ Remember to jump up from the water at the end. ^^; Not easy. -.-‘ Got through, next area, right most side. Pick the way where’s fishes. Third way, up road. Don’t fail, you’ll end right back to the very start of the whole road. >.< Third way’s last. It takes just in time to get past since first jump is to dry land and from there back to water and again up. Got through just when it started to lower the gate! *whew* Now, let’s see what masks to give... Oh, and didn’t get the Heart Piece from here. ^^;So, Kafei, Stone and Keaton lost.

And now to Goht’s kid. Last masks are given now. =( Bremen mask and Kamaro lost. And let’s roll! After billion failed tries, I managed to get far enough and got the Piece of Heart. Even though it’s tempting to go all rolling the way through, don’t. There’s few longer roads which are still having long enough way which you can walk closer and still get enough of rolling to go for spikes. I just hope I won’t fall anymore and there’s not so much left of the road.... Nope, just freaking road back to start.
>.< So, going back to the road..... WHOOHOO!!! GOT THROUGH!!!!!!! :squee: Stop to the first area where you can stock with magic! Walk up the thin bridge to a Truth Stone, head left. WALK that road so you won’t fall. DON’T step on that eye thingy or you’ll be back in start. Then get straight road and just roll! And you got to the door! :squee: *sigh* Bunny hood and Couple’s masks go now. =(

Now for saving and then to talk to Majora. And Oni / Fierce Deity Mask is mine!!! :squee:

Aaaaand with all the help by gettign fairies together and using FDL (Fierce Deity Link), I only lost heart and half with about two thirds of magic in overall. Plus Majora and his three forms went down very quick. ^^; He threw me only once in his third form with the masks of bosses hitting only once or twice in overall.

Awesome end credits. :aww: The saddest part is with the Deku Scrub and his dad. =( Link was Mikau to play with Indigo-Go before fully leaving. :)
Also, Kafei wasn't shown at all in there. XD *sigh* Wish I could've seen him all grown up. ^^;

OMG!!!!!!! I just, out of curiosity, picked my game after saving and............. I GOT ALL OF THE MASKS!!!! :squee:

And so, this concludes my Majora's Mask 3D playthrough. =) I might go around for the last few things like Heart Pieces and checking if I can get all of "Ongoing tasks" down into "Finished tasks".

Anyways, I got through the game about a week before Hyrule Warriors Legends come out. I know some say it won't work well with old 3DS but out of what I checked on video where Wii U, new 3DS and old 3DS were compared.... Well, if you won't compare them, you won't notice any of slow stuff or such. ;) So, yeah, I'm going for that game. =)

Alright. Dunno what else to say. It was fun while it lasted and I might go beat the crap out of bosses as FDL. ;) Anyways, I don't think I got anything else to tell about MM 3D. =) Have fun with the game and I hope this helped at least on some parts. :aww: Bye~! :wave:

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carrie-j Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome job! :squee:
I remember the Goron part
being really tough so well done with that!
Will you be doing a walk through of Hyrule Warriors legends?
AkuDemyfan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016
Thanks! :aww:
Yeah, Goron was hard and nerve wracking. Which also was the Zora part. Dunno which was more hard in the end. =/ But, I'm more grateful of the fact still having all of the masks along. :aww: Thought those would've been lost forever after Majora fight. ^^; Oh, and talking about Majora, forgot to say this in the Journal.... The third form is creepy! D= And damn fast. -.-' About twenty or so of my beam circle attacks missed when one of the masks into into me and got me to lose sight of Majora for a moment. >.< Luckily, none of the forms needed more than about three hits. ^^;

Quite certainly! :aww: I'm just wondering about the info about DLC being along the game. =/ Would this mean I'd get Dark Link costume straight from the start or not? ^.- It hasn't been told more than that most of DLC would be along.... Yet, how is the question mark. ^^; What I'm meaning is this:…
Read the part about characters. I'm really hoping I'd have Dark along straight away or at least by unlocking him. =)
carrie-j Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you'll be having him along on your quest then. (Still need to get him for Hyrule Warriors)
AkuDemyfan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016
If he'll be there, you can be certain my whole game will be played as him. =D And I really hope you'll get him to HW. :aww:
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March 20, 2016