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Breath of the Wild: Naydra
A/N: The question is: Why is Naydra the only dragon affected by Malice? ^.- Honestly, I have no idea but this story is my version as the answer. ;)
Also, a slight warning for the start: The beginning of the story is from one of the memories gained in the game.
As always, I own nothing else than the story itself. All else goes for Nintendo.
Now, enjoy of the first story from me for the year 2018! :aww:
    They had managed to escape from the castle. He had fought the road all the way to the Hateno Fort. Now those machines were closing in on them and he wasn’t able to defend the princess much longer. And soon enough the first one climbed to the wall.
    Link readied for the fight even though the wounds he already had were slowly killing him. He kept Zelda behind him while glaring at the machine that had once been on their side. “NO!” The princess of Hyrule scre
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Linktober, Day 31: Free for all
This is my version of how the fight went 100 years before the game's start. There is notions to couple of memories.
    Praying at the last Spring had been unsuccessful. When they had returned to the Champions, Calamity Ganon had awakened. They soon separated ways. Revali flew off to his Divine Beast. Mipha dived into the river to reach her Divine Beast. Daruk and Urbosa followed Zelda and Link to the duos horses. At then the Goron turned into a rocky ball and left to roll on full speed towards the Death Mountain to get to his Divine Beast. The Gerudo took out her shield and left with her Sand Seal to return to her Divine Beast. Link tried to talk Zelda around but in the end they both rode off to the castle to face Calamity Ganon.
    Link cursed at Revali as the bird had been too stubborn to accept the given help. Everyone else took the fairies he had brought. And yet, those small flying balls of pink ligh
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Linktober, Day 30: Great Fairy
    Link didn’t know why he was feeling so anxious and fearful as he left the castle few days later. Zelda was preparing her trip to the last Shrine and the Hero just couldn’t shake off the feeling of things going like before. He tried to ignore such foolish thoughts but they were as annoying as flies in summer.
    “I need to get prepared.” The Hero thought as he rode towards Kakariko Village. “And not just me but everyone else.” He continued while fighting against the will of encouraging Epona to move faster than the canter. “I don’t know why or how but I know Ganon will rear his ugly head sooner or later. And at then it will be down to a fight for life and peace.” He shook his head but he couldn’t shake off the truth. “We need a way to stay alive at then. And the only way I know for that to happen is a healing fairy.”
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Linktober, Day 29: Impa
    At the next day Zelda left the castle while holding her head high. She had won the fight against her father at last night. The King couldn’t deny his daughter’s rightful words of learning by travelling. He simply feared for her safety. Even while Link was there to protect her with his own life.
    Zelda rode to Kakariko Village with Link closely behind. They left the horses at the clearing. The Hero stayed with the steeds as the princess walked up the stairs into Impa’s house. She did knock to announce her arrival before already entering the place.
    Zelda walked in front of Impa and knelt down before her. She hang her head in sorrow and shame. “I have failed at two Springs by now, Impa.” The princess half whispered while holding back her tears.
    “There is still hope, my child.” Impa started gently. “There is still the third Spring to pray at.”
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Linktober, Day 28: Princess
    Late at next day Link was practicing his sword fighting skills. When he heard a louder splash than fish’s jumping, he dashed to the railing of rock wall. He searched the river for what had caused the sound while bit fearing to see someone having falling into there. Yet, he did hope it was no other than a bird having dived to catch a fish.
    After a moment he noticed a figure at the shore. It took a moment before he understood it to be a Zora. “Mipha!” Link called and waved when he recognized the Champion. Once the Zora Princess had seen him, the Hero already started to make his way down to the shore.
    “Link.” Mipha greeted with a small smile and a nod once he had gotten to her. “I never understood the castle to be this big.” She commented while looking around.
    “If you wish, I can give you a tour around.” Link offered before bit frowning.
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Linktober, Day 27: Outfit
    Couple of days later Link and Zelda had been called to Hateno. Neither knew fully what it was about but the request had sounded urgent. The duo rode to the small town in a quick canter while having left early to arrive in good time.
    “Princess. Hero. This way.” A lady called and bowed before them after they came down from their horses. “My husband will take Your horses to the ranch.” She offered as a man came out from the house behind her.
    “What is the matter?” Zelda inquired while glancing once around and seeing no actual trouble. In fact, the road to the town had been surprisingly free of monsters. Even Link felt bit uncertain of reason for such quick coming.
    “I… Need Your help with something…” The woman started bit nervously and chuckled shortly. She led the duo into a room filled with different fabrics and half-finished clothes.
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Linktober, Day 26: Knight
    After having made peace with his dark side, Link was able to sleep peacefully again. And, eventually, he found himself watching his father’s way of teaching the Knights of Hyrule. It always fascinated him and got him to learn new fighting skills to battle better against the monsters roaming around their beloved kingdom.
    Besides learning, it also gave him a slight duty as a Knight and a Hero. The respect the people had towards him gave him a perfect chance to search out those worthy of the title of a Knight. As such, he and his father had made a slight deal. Link would, whenever he could, watch the teaching and pic one or few of the to-be-Knights and challenged them. It was simple practice fight but it gave out if they were ready to be Knighted. It also helped that his father only taught one group at a time and so learned their names.
    After having watched each of the fighters have a short practice against his
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Linktober, Day 25: Favorite Character (Dark Link)
    At the night after they returned from the Spring of Courage, Link was plagued by a nightmare. A nightmare that kept on coming back again and again. He partly thought it was Goddess Farore’s curse for having doubted her, to question her silence when Zelda called out to her. Yet, he also bit feared for it to be something else. Something that some of the Heroes had gone through. A prophetic dream.
    In that nightmare was a male Hylian. His skin was dark and his hair was silver. He wore black clothes and moved exactly like Link himself. And his eyes were gleaming red.
    Link woke up with a gasp and cold sweat running down his back at each night that nightmare came to him. He shivered slightly in cold but mainly of the fear that dream had left him with. Each time he had seen the Hylian from behind and woke up when he turned around and locked those red eyes into his cerulean ones.
    He didn’
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Linktober, Day 24: Link
    A day later Link had travelled with Zelda to the first Spring. He held his back to the princess as she was praying for Goddess Farore’s blessing. For some reason she had chosen to come first for the creator of Triforce of Courage.
    Link recalled that each of the Heroes before him had been blessed by Goddess Farore. That each of them had not only wielded the Blade of Evil’s Bane but also one of the Triforce pieces. He partly wondered if it should be him praying for the Goddess’ blessing instead of Zelda.
    “It’s rarely given out.” Link thought while keeping his eyes closed and just listening to his surroundings. “Not before the Hero of Time, at least.” He slightly frowned as he thought back to all of those times the Triforce of Courage was mentioned. “They claim that the road to the Triforce was hidden all the way until the Hero of Time. That
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Linktober, Day 23: Grandma / Elder
    At the next day while Zelda was preparing for the trip to the first Spring, Link decided to visit somewhere he hadn’t been for ages. He put Epona ready and left the castle a while after the cucco had announced the start of a day. He rode calmly through the Market and took off to a trot at the field. He was in no hurry at all.
    Link enjoyed of the wide field and the early animals. He stopped Epona now and then to watch an animal or another in their daily doings. A fox hunting for a mouse, birds searching for worms and squirrels gnawing nuts. He just stayed still and silent so he wouldn’t bother the creatures of the nature. And so that he could learn from them.
    Long after midday he finally reached the small town that had been built around the Temple of Time. It was where he was from before his parents had moved closer to the castle because of his father’s work. Still, he visited back home whenever he
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Linktober, Day 22: Ganon / Ganondorf
    “The history of the Royal Family is also the history of Calamity Ganon.” Zelda quoted what Impa had told them once. “I think that to know Calamity Ganon and to find how to defeat him, we need to know where he comes from.” She told while picking books from the shelves.
    Link nodded while quickly skimming through the books the princess brought to the table. He left the books open from the place where Ganon was mentioned for the first time in them. “I really hope this helps us to defeat him, then.” He replied while bringing couple of books back to the shelves since they didn’t contain any of needed information.
    “So, what have we so far gathered?” Zelda inquired as she came to the table to check the opened books. “Seems like you’ve already put them down into timeline of sorts.” She observed while making a quick check of the times and names of
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Linktober, Day 21: Dragon
    Few days later and after good and long night’s rest, Link was checking the canyon close of Rito Village. He was calmly walking on the edge while looking down in check of monsters. Someone had reported about a beast down in the canyon but so far he hadn’t noticed anything out of ordinary.
    Link looked up when he heard a roar of a dragon. Dinraal was coming down from the sky and heading straight towards the canyon. Link couldn’t help but smile widely as he thought about getting close to the fiery snake-like deity. It was rare turns he got to see the magnificent creatures from so close that he could feel the element they carried in their bodies.
    Yet, as he watched the dragon come, he started to frown. The one named after Goddess Din reminded him of something. He gasped when he recalled the dragon one of the Heroes had been forced to fight. A dragon that had been the said Hero’s friend.
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Linktober, Day 20: Sheikah
    As Link and Zelda were heading back to the castle, the princess suddenly chose a different way. Link rode next to her with a questioning frown. “I need to visit at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.” She simply told and encouraged WinterKing into a canter for quicker moving. Epona followed without a trouble but let the white stallion choose the path.
    Link wanted to ask for a reason to visit at the place. If the weather would stay good, they’d arrive at late evening. He would’ve rather waited for the next day and left early. On that way they wouldn’t be bothering the needed sleep of the researchers.
    “I’m needing to ask some things from Purah.” Zelda told as they got through the Twin Peaks. “And no, it can’t wait for tomorrow.” She continued firmly while trying to keep in mind her inquiry.
    “What are you needing to know, Your Hig
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Linktober, Day 19: Goron
    Goron Champion Daruk was waiting for the Hero and the princess at the closest stable to the road up to Goron City. He nodded to the duo and waited for them to get their horses into the care of the stable workers. “Here, drink this.” He told while giving a strong heat resistance potion to both of his guests. “We’re not going to the Goron City today. There is something else I need to show you.” Daruk explained as he already led the way.
    “Is there problems with the Zoras?” Zelda inquired and glanced towards the way where the Zora’s Domain was at.
    “No, everything is going smoothly between us.” Daruk answered while trying to choose the easier road to his destination. He glanced behind him every now and then to make sure his friends were following. Even though Zelda was the princess and Link was the Hero, the Goron couldn’t care less about the titles.
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Linktober, Day 18: NPC (non-player character)
    King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule watched from his room’s window how his daughter and her knight left the castle. The white stallion was in the lead and the reddish-brown mare followed close by. The Hero, guardian of the princess, always followed behind the young lady. He rarely took the front out of any other reason than to fend off the monsters.
    The leader of Hyrule sighed and shook his head a bit. Even though his daughter and her protector couldn’t see it, he certainly noticed the feelings. Zelda denied her feelings while devoting her time and notion into the machines Sheikahs had created so long ago. And Link, the Hero, hid his own feelings and simply concentrated into his job of defending her. It was as clear as the most beautiful day in Hyrule that the duo was in love with each other. Or at least falling for each other if not yet fully in love.
    The royal man left the room and walked calmly through the
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Linktober, Day 17: Link's assistant
    Zelda and Link returned back to the castle in silence. The Hero glanced at her every now and then while taking care of Epona. The princess didn’t give even one glance to him as her full notion was in the stallion. They work quietly with the tasks needed to look after the horses until Zelda broke the silence. “I’m surprised your only companion is Epona.” She half stated and finally turned to look at the duo.
    Link frowned and glanced from Epona into Zelda and back. “The legends that tell of the Heroes always give him a companion.” The princess continued and bit shrugged. “It’s mostly been fairies but there have been others too.”
    “The only fairies I know of are the pink healing fairies. And I’d hardly call them as companions.” Link finally answered and going back into brushing Epona’s mane. Zelda chuckled a bit and shook her head.
:iconakudemyfan:AkuDemyfan 1 0


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:squee: Heart - Finland by uppuN HAPPY 100TH INDEPENDENCE DAY OF FINLAND!!! Heart - Finland by uppuN  :squee:
So, this is my story for Finland's 100th Independece Day. :aww: It's not fully but almost thoroughly considering Finland's Independece Day Ball. It's a Legend of Zelda fanfiction but, luckily, Hyrule's colors go quite well with Finland's colors. :la:
Blue for the sky, white / silver for snow and clouds, red for the crest's background and gold for crest's lion. =D

    Dark stared at the letter in his hands. He had never thought to get something like this. Sure, he knew his work was important and all but… This?

    He sat down to the chair next to the kitchen’s table. Deep inside he knew what he needed to do but he didn’t really want to. The ruby eyed male sighed heavily and raised his gaze into the ceiling while leaning backwards. His family would be back home in an hour or so and then… Then he would need to talk about this with them. Goddesses knew this wasn’t really the thing he wanted but…. He just couldn’t deny how honored he actually did feel.

    The second he heard the door open and close, he was already up. “Link! You have no idea how glad I am for you to come home first!” He half shouted before his younger brother had a chance to say a word. The golden haired male simply raised an eyebrow while waiting for Dark to continue. “I… I got a letter…” The oldest brother started while getting nervous and starting to pace.

    Link took off his shoes and jacket before walking to Dark. “Daaku? What letter?” He inquired while using the nickname in hopes of calming his brother down a bit. The ruby eyed Hylian took a deep breath and stopped pacing around. After that he gave the piece of paper to the nature loving Hylian.

    Link frowned and took the paper. He quickly skimmed it through before his frown deepened as the slight realization hit. At then he started to read the letter through aloud:


    “King and Queen of Hyrule invite You

    Knight Lieutenant Dark Avalon and Clarissa Avalon

    to the 100th Independence Day Ball of Hyrule at the Castle of Hyrule

    at Wednesday the 6th of December in 2017 at 19:30.


    Full dress and honorary badges and medals

    Entrance from the main gate


    RSVP if You are unable to attend,

    King’s council,



    Invitation and picture ID are requested to be shown at entrance.”


    Link stared at the piece of paper before slowly turning his gaze into his brother. “Dark… D-does this mean what I think it means?” He inquired and gulped once while still having hard time to fully understand. Dark sighed and nodded as he leaned against the backrest of the sofa. “You’re not wanting to go…” Link almost mumbled while returning his gaze back into the invitation.

    Dark sighed again and ran his hand through his hair. “It’s just… I’d rather stay home with Clarissa and you guys.” He answered while looking elsewhere. Link simply nodded but he stayed silent. His older brother eventually turned his gaze back into the golden haired young man. “Link…” He called bit tentatively and got him to return his gaze back into him. “What do you think I should do?”

    Link took a deep breath and walked to his brother. He leaned against the sofa next to the older dark Hylian and gave the piece of paper back to him. “I think you should go.” He eventually answered. “If for no other reason, then at least for Clarissa’s sake. This is once in a life time thing. And most of people won’t even get that.”

    Dark sighed heavily and nodded. “I feared you’d say that…” He half mumbled and read the invitation through again. “Well then, I guess this means I gotta go shopping for proper clothes to wear.” The Knight stated out with a slight lopsided grin.

    “You and Clarissa both.” Link replied with a firm nod. Dark simply nodded but when Link sighed a bit, he raised an eyebrow.

    “Something bothering you, bro?” The dark Hylian inquired bit worriedly. Link shrugged but kept his gaze in the floor.

    “You got the invitation. And Darky’s bound to get it too once his talent comes into everyone’s knowledge. But…. I doubt to get it.” Link started sorrowfully before shrugging. He smiled slightly but it wasn’t fully there. “I’m happy for you, bro. I really am. As well as for Darky once the day comes but…. I admit I’m bit jealous.”

    Dark sighed and shook his head. “You’re giving way too little of credit for yourself, bro.” He told while wrapping one arm around Link’s shoulders and kissed his head. “Just give it time. I’m sure you’ll impress the whole world sooner or later.”

    Link chuckled and shook his head. “I highly doubt any park guards slash park guides have gotten into there.” He answered with a slight lopsided grin. “Or, have you heard of such?” He half inquired with a raised eyebrow.

    Dark looked bit uncertain before sighing heavily. “Maybe so but you are gaining notion of how different, and better, your tours have been.” He replied with slight pride in his voice. Link slumped slightly in embarrassment and chuckled bit nervously.

    “Just doing what I love…” The middle brother half whispered.

    Dark smiled lovingly at his brother and kissed his head again. “And that’s all I can ask of you.” He answered quietly before pulling off. “Now, I guess I have to get ready to inform my dear wife and Darky of the situation.” The oldest brother told with a slight nervous chuckle.

    Link nodded but he didn’t have a chance to reply when the door already was opened and they heard the duo’s voices. “Thanks again, Clarissa, for having let me come to the daycare to talk and show my works.” Darky chirped happily while taking his jacket and shoes off.

    Clarissa bit chuckled. “Oh, it was no trouble at all. Thank you for having come.” She replied with a smile. “They really were excited to hear about career as an artist. And it was so nice of you to let them trace your work.”

    “You do realize I could’ve taken you along to my work place too, hmm?” Dark half inquired with a grin while leaning against the wall. The youngest Avalon brother chuckled bit nervously and shrugged.

    “I… I would’ve been more on your way. And, um…. P-people are bit more busy at there than at daycare…” Darky replied while looking thoroughly sheepish.

    Dark half laughed, half chuckled and shook his head. “Just messing with you, bro.” He told while coming over to ruffle his hair and hug him. “I’m glad you two had amazing day.” The Knight told before giving a quick kiss to Darky’s head until going to Clarissa. He hugged her and kissed her gently and lovingly to lips.

    Link was bit grinning and pulled his younger brother into one armed hug. “Don’t worry, bro. If you had come with me, your audience would’ve consisted of animals. And I bit doubt they would’ve been too interested in your words. Instead, I think they would’ve been up for snatching your stuff.” He told with a slight chuckle and led Darky into the kitchen. “How about we two make the dinner today, hmm?”

    Darky glanced once at his oldest brother before returning his gaze back into Link. “Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.” He answered and let Link take him off to kitchen.

    Few hours later the group of four was at the living room. Darky was drawing while Link was reading. Dark and Clarissa were having rather romantic moment of staring at each other and sharing a kiss or few now and then. Eventually the oldest brother took a deep breath and somehow managed to take his eyes off of his wife. “Everyone, I, um… Got something to tell.” He started slightly nervously before taking out the invitation from his pocket. “I and Clarissa have been invited to the Castle of Hyrule to the Independence Day Ball.” Dark told and placed the paper down to the small coffee-table.

    Link stayed put as he already knew of things. Darky gasped and swiftly snatched the invitation from the table. He read it through several times before letting his hand fall. He stared at Dark with wide eyes. “Wow….” The youngest brother half whispered without really knowing what to do. He even barely understood to give the paper to Clarissa when she extended her hand and gave an inquiring look.

    Clarissa almost squealed after she had read the short note through. “We are going to there, Dark. Right?” She half inquired while looking at her husband with such begging that the Knight ended up blushing and turning his gaze off. “Dark…?” She half called with bit of uncertainty in her voice.

    Dark took a deep breath and turned his gaze back into her. “Yes. We are going.” He answered as firmly as he could. Clarissa squealed in pure joy and glomped the Knight while pretty much thanking him over and over again.

    “So, there’s actually two questions considering the ball.” Dark started after Clarissa had calmed down. He looked at her with a small smile. “When do you want to go search, or order, the full dress? And how should we get to the Castle? By our own car or some other way?”

    “As soon as possible!” Clarissa stated out and stood up to pace around. “It’s less than a month from here, Dark… I… I don’t know what to wear at there!” She almost panicked while trying to understand the bigger picture of the situation. Dark almost sighed but he swiftly stood up and hugged her from behind.

    “Just calm down. Everything’s going to go smoothly. I’m sure of that.” He reassured but gave almost pleading look to his brothers as he wasn’t certain at all. Link glanced at Darky whom was frowning and clearly thinking something through.

    “Well, I think, Dark, you should put the Knight’s uniform on. And definitely that medal you got from six months ago being situation that you cleared so amazingly.” The middle brother told calmly before looking at Clarissa. “And you, my dear sister-in-law… Go for your favorite color and search a dress that you’d love to wear even after this celebration.” He advised carefully.

    The next weeks went past quickly and soon enough the Independence Day had come over. Clarissa was excited while getting ready to leave. Dark was quite well a nervous wreck as he tried to get himself ready for the Ball. “You sure you don’t want me to drive you two to the castle?” Link inquired for the umpteenth time.

    Dark sighed heavily even though he tried to stay still as his brother was trying to tame that unruly black hair of his. “We’re not sure of when we’d come back home, Link. It’ll be much better off to be on taxi than worry for your safety in the main city.” The oldest brother answered once again.

    “Alright. Just making sure.” The golden haired young man answered while doing finishing touches to his work. “All done. It’s as tame as I can get it.” He told when Dark took a quick check of the mirror.

    “Looks much better than what I could’ve done with it.” Dark answered with a smile and hugged his brother.

    “The taxi’s here!” Darky called from the downstairs quite eagerly. Soon after Link followed Dark out of Dark’s room. They made it down to wait for Clarissa. “Looking good, bro.” The youngest brother told with a wide grin as he checked his brother out.

    Dark had put on the Knight Lieutenant’s uniform as it had been requested. It consisted of dark purple shirt and black pants. The jacket was dark green with dark red brims. In the upper arm was Hyrule’s crest. In the back was drawn the Master Sword. In arc above the sword was written “Royal Knights” and in opposite way, in arc below the tip of the weapon was written “Hyrule”. The whole drawing and picture was done in dark blue.

    Dark had the marks of Lieutenant on his jacket’s shoulders. On the left side, bit above his heart’s area, was the medallion of golden star. It had been granted to him when he had saved Termina’s Mayor from assassination. The said leader had been visiting his ally kingdom and the Knights had been assigned to protect him during that visit. The Knights had been on their guard but the threats towards the Mayor had been very small if not non-existent. Yet, Dark and his team had taken their duty seriously and noticed the almost minimal signs of a planned attack. Their quick actions and Dark’s precise commands had cleared the situation swiftly and cleanly. Inside of two days the team had taken down the rest of the ones behind the attack.

    Dark hadn’t been too eager to accept the given medal since he would’ve wanted to give the credits to his team too. Yet, his team was more than eager to point out the reasons he deserved the honor of the golden star. Eventually they got their leader to accept the mark of honor and courage. Still, Dark refused to wear the golden star unless it was requested. Even though he was a Lieutenant and a team leader, he still felt like one among other Knights. Not above them in any of way but as equal with them. In all reality, he considered the Knights as his second family.

    When Clarissa finally came down the stairs, Dark felt his mouth fall open. Her sky blue dress was slightly glimmering in the room’s light. The dress’ brims were adorned with silver lace. The small figures created a repetitive picture of the Triforce. Her shoes were equal with the dress’ coloration and had a short heel. She wore a heart shaped necklace which’s edges were emerald green. Inside the heart was two pictures. On left was a picture of her lost parents and younger sister. On the right side was picture of Dark and his brothers. The family she had lost and the family she had gained. Her hair was braided by starting from middle of front, going in both sides in own braids and ending in back into one braid.

    Darky grinned bit proudly as he watched her come down. The work on her hair was his doing. Clarissa had wanted something royal like without going too official with it. And since the youngest Avalon brother was starting to be quite known of his artistic abilities, she asked advice from him. Yet, it didn’t only go for advice as he wanted to try to make it into reality. Besides, it went perfectly well with his skills as it simply was for different materials than normally.

    Dark gulped once before offering his hand to Clarissa at the last couple of steps. “Y-you look absolutely stunning, my dear.” He started before already blushing. “N-not that you wouldn’t look like that all the time…” The Knight desperately tried to salvage and blushed even more as his wife chuckled. Yet, that sound simply brought a smile to his face too.

    “Well, you two have fun. We’ll be watching and searching you from the TV.” Link told with a grin as he and Darky walked them to the door.

    “Not to mention we’ll be recording it too.” The youngest brother told with a mischievous grin. “Wave to the camera when you see one!” He half commanded and chuckled at the startled blush that spread to his oldest brother’s face.

    Link couldn’t help but chuckle as he facepalmed. “Just calm down, bro. And have fun.” He told and quickly kissed Dark’s cheek before hugging Clarissa. “Enjoy of the evening, you two!”

    Dark and Clarissa waved to the duo before getting into the taxi. Both of them were grateful of the weather being clear even though quite cold. It was nice how the white snow was glimmering below the dark blue sky. Luckily the car was nicely warm for the three hour drive to the Castle.

    They were pretty much quiet through the whole drive into the capital of Hyrule. At there the decorations in the streets caught the duo’s notion. Neither had really visited in this huge city and now, in the day of 100th Independence since the last battle against Calamity Ganon, things seemed even more grand than ever before. Streets were lighted with different kinds of lights, the walls of old houses were brought out with spotlights and the castle itself had Hyrule’s colors. All around the city were Hyrule’s flags flapping in the slight wind.

    Dark and Clarissa got bit nervous the closer they came to their destination. There was already quite a queue of people waiting for their turn to get inside. Dark took a deep breath and got out of the car before offering his hand to Clarissa. He paid the cab before they went to the end of the line.

    It took about fifteen minutes of waiting before they got inside the castle. As they got through the second set of doors, four Royal Knights came forth. They were acting all stern but Dark could see they weren’t fully eager of checking a Knight Lieutenant and his wife through. Yet, they did their job to search for possible weapons or other means of harm. After that they were allowed to get fully inside the castle. Dark also gave the gained invitation to them after the inspection. Next he and Clarissa showed their IDs to prove whom they were.

    Yet they still needed to wait for their turn to meet and greet the royals. As they stood in the queue, they slightly kept eye on what others were doing. Clarissa tried to look around without it looking too obvious. Even Dark took a quick check around but it mainly was his Knight instincts than his interest of the decorations or outlook of the place.

    Eventually Dark reluctantly let go of Clarissa’s hand as their turn came. “Knight Lieutenant Dark Avalon, Sire.” He introduced himself while giving a firm nod and shake of hand.

    The King answered with equally firm actions and a smile. “Welcome to the Castle, Knight Lieutenant. Enjoy of the evening.” He greeted formally.

    “Thank You, Sire.” Dark replied while desperately trying to stay calm and let his Knight instinct work for his favor. After that he moved bit forward and shook hands with the Queen. “Your Highness.” He greeted and for a moment thought about kissing her hand but eventually chose against it.

    “Welcome to the Castle.” The Queen replied calmly.

    “Thank You, Your Highness.” Dark answered with a firm nod and moved bit forward before stopping. He waited for Clarissa and slightly relaxed once she was by his side again. Mrs. Avalon had followed her husband’s example of the situation and simply wished to stay calm enough to keep her hands from sweating.

    As they joined the other guests to wait for the coffee serving, the duo took a better look of their hosts. The King had a long red cape where the crest of Hyrule was shown. He obviously had the golden crown on his head. The jacket was red with different kinds of medals and golden brims. It also had the crest of Hyrule on both shoulders. His pants were dark blue and the belt was, in good lighting, dark green. The shirt was lighter blue. The shoes were also decorated with gold.

    The Queen obviously also had a crown. She also wore similar cape as the King. Her “apron” of sorts had the crest of Hyrule in full. The dress’ upper part was blue and had long sleeves of sorts, partly like wings, to cover or warm her arms and hands. The lower part of the dress that started from the belt but opened to sides from the “apron” was also blue. Both of these parts were decorated with gold. The dress below these two parts was pure white. She also had a golden necklace of Hyrule’s crest. Her hair wasn’t done in any kind of braids.

    The people around them were all either in high positions or well known for other reasons. Dark nodded to few Knights he recognized mainly by their clothes instead of having interacted with them in any of situation. Clarissa stayed silent but she did find some celebrities she knew of. Even though the whole situation started to feel bit uncomfortable for the duo, they stayed as calm and collected as they could.

    About half an hour later the guests were finally led into the next room. The given invitations were on the tables to show the right places for the guests. Dark and Clarissa sat down into a table of four. The Knight Lieutenant helped his wife into the chair and took a very swift check of whom they would be with. He was bit relieved to realize that their company would be another Knight Lieutenant with his wife. Yet, he didn’t recognize the name.

    Soon enough the pair came over. They shook hands before taking their places to wait for the serving. Yet, as they were of equal rank, they soon found themselves from a conversation considering mainly of work and what it was to be a wife to a Knight. This obviously calmed Dark and Clarissa down and they started to enjoy of the stay.

    It didn’t take long before the coffee and tea along with small snacks were brought over. Both Dark and Clarissa went for tea while their company went for coffee. Less than half an hour later the music started to play. Dark and Clarissa excused themselves from the table and went to watch how the King and Queen took the first dance.

    After the royals, when the next song started, the guests had the rights to join in. Dark bowed and offered his hand to Clarissa while, with a slight grin, inquired if he’d have this dance with her. Clarissa blushed but eagerly accepted the offer. They joined the others into the dancefloor.

    They danced through several songs before leaving the area. They ventured to the table where the buffet and punch were situated. Since the punch was very likely containing alcohol, neither took much of it. Instead, they enjoyed of the different small, bite sized, snacks.

    Clarissa was looking around but instead of checking the people, she took in the outlook of the castle. “You want to walk around a bit? I’m pretty sure we can check around the areas where people have spread out.” Dark half inquired and Clarissa simply nodded while trying to hide her eagerness.

    The castle was enormous. Even with such amount of space, the areas were quite crowded and moving forward was slow. Yet, Dark kept the lead and searched the pathways through the people. He held a strong, yet gentle, hold of his wife’s hand as he guided her along.

    Dark and Clarissa first went to the second floor and calmly walked around it before coming back down from different set of stairs. Next was the rest of the first floor. Yet, there wasn’t much to be seen from the first floor since only few more of the rooms were in use. And, even at then, it was mainly for those enjoying of coffee or just needing to sit back down to their table for a bit of rest.

    Considering how crowded the place was and the fact of Clarissa wanting to see the area well enough, checking the allowed areas took almost an hour. When they returned to the first floor, they picked up bit of snacks and returned to their table for a short rest. After that they returned to the dancefloor for a while before moving to side and just watching other guests.

    Whenever Dark had noticed a camera, he had nodded once. Clarissa waved few times since she knew that most watchers would only consider that she noticed someone she knew personally instead of waving back home to her family. Yet, they both were actually grateful when neither was interviewed by any of the reporters nor been spoken to by the King or the Queen. Though, considering the amount of people, with some of them being better known than Dark himself, it wasn’t much of surprise that the reporters hadn’t searched him out to talk with him.

    It was closer to midnight when people started to leave the castle. Some would head off to hotel and some to the next place where the celebrations would continue. Dark and Clarissa, like rest of the people, chose to head back home. Luckily the whole street around the castle was filled with taxis. The drivers knew to be needed at there so it wasn’t any of surprise for them to be there. Thanks to this arrangement, it wasn’t any of hard thing to get a taxi.

    The three hour long drive back home went by telling to the driver all about the Independence Day Ball. The driver was asking pretty much anything and everything since he would never get an invitation to such grand celebration. Plus, this was his first time being one of those whom would pick up guests from the Castle of Hyrule.

    Link and Darky were still awake when Dark and Clarissa came home. They had, as promised, recorded the about three hours long show. And both had quite well squealed whenever they had seen Dark and Clarissa in there. Yet, neither had been certain whether or not their brother and brother’s wife would’ve gone for the continuation of celebrations. Even with the uncertainty of the choice, somehow both knew they’d rather come home instead of continuing on in another location. Unless, of course, they had met with someone they’d join with for it.

    When the duo heard the car stop by their house, they pretty much raced to the kitchen to check the situation. “They’re home!” Darky almost shouted and dashed to the front door with his older brother. The duo opened the door and leaned against the doorframe while waiting for their family members to come in.

    Dark paid for the drive after having helped his wife out. The oldest brother of Avalon family bit grinned when he noticed his brothers at the door. “I’m pretty sure it’s far past your bedtime, bros.” He told but chuckled a bit when both he and Clarissa were quite thoroughly glomped by his brothers.

    “So, tell us all about it!” Darky already chirped while looking far from being sleepy or tired. Dark chuckled and shook his head.

    “How about you’d let us get in first? And maybe hot chocolates for everyone?” Clarissa suggested while getting her shoes off. Link nodded before he already started to usher his younger brother into the kitchen. As the duo were handling the request and checking something small for snacks, Dark and Clarissa changed bit of clothes to get to be more comfortable when they took a place from the living room’s sofa.

    For the next hour the duo shared everything of their evening at the Castle of Hyrule. Link and Darky listened quietly but made few inquiries now and then. Around four in the morning Dark and Clarissa washed up and soon after went to bed. The Knight Lieutenant’s brothers curled up next to the duo in the king sized bed of their brother for that night.

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